What our customers say:
Andy Etchells, Central Window Cleaners - Derbyshire:
"Ian's system is easy to understand and cuts through the complex world of franchising so that you can start to expand your business immediately."
Alex Amel, PCCom - East Sussex:
"I personally highly recommend Mr Lancaster's method of franchising. I have acquired his method in 2010 and it's been so successful that within very short time we were on our 2nd franchisee and now we are expanding to third and hopefully more in the future."
Rob Anderson, ACS Window Cleaning - Essex:
"We bought the franchise 'how to' package from Ian in the summer of 2010. Since then we have started 2 franchisees under the ACS banner! We simply would not have done this without the purchase and continual support and encouragement from Ian Lancaster. We hope to start a 3rd franchisee by late summer of this year. I thoroughly recommend Ian Lancaster, a man of his word who does what he says he'll do and more..."
David Stritch, WindowPro - Cheshire:
"Ian was there for my business from the very beginning, no question went unanswered and he was always happy to help. I won't say I couldn't have done it without Ian but it would have cost more, taken longer and I would have made many more mistakes along the way. Ian opened my eyes to the possibilities of franchising. He gave me advice from the simple technique tweaks to helping with amendments to the Franchisee contract. No question was beyond him."
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